F R O M    T H E    T R E N C H E S

Post-Production Report:
Visual Effects Revealed  

 S o m e    E x a m p l e s    o f    D i g i t a l    E n h a n c e m e n t s 

The Spinning Ranger Badge: Camera Projection and Simple Texture-Mapping

One of the most successful two hours I spent on the digital effects for Hell is Texas involved two added close-ups on the Ranger Badge, spinning on edge after being discarded. Primarily successful in that it only took me two hours to complete the shot, and a single render to call it done. Plus it enhanced the final slow-motion sequence significantly.

The rotating disk was quickly modelled in Softimage 3D and spun off axis, while rotating. The ground plane is a piece of the wider live-action take (I had failed to shoot any close-ups) projected (via the Camera Projection mental ray shader) onto a curving "cyc" acting as floor and backdrop. Soft shadows and Motion blur are a result of the Mental Ray renderer and two small area lights. Because the scene was so simple, rendering times were very reasonable.

A frame of the finished badge spin medium close-up.

The same frame with the wireframe of the 3-D model overlayed.

The wireframe alone. Note the transparency of the star pattern is only in the texture map, not the geometry.

The ranger badge texture map, scanned from the original prop - front and back (alpha not shown).

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