At long last, the highly-anticipated,
Powered Up Award-winning, ultimate

Real-Time Role-Playing Game has finally arrived!

For PalmOS devices†
(And even many PocketPC devices, with a little help from StyleTap.)


Customize your character’s name, gender, and stats — choose from three unique races (human, elf, dwarf) and four character classes (fighter, thief, mage, or priest)!

A huge world to explore with multiple quests and dozens of diverse landscapes.

Real-time combat, tons of unique enemies, deadly melee and range weapons!

Cast dozens of vibrant animated spells, like Invisibility, Lightning, Ice Storm, Fireball!

Seek out magical potions, weapons, armor, equipment, treasure, and other artifacts.

Meet, talk, and trade with hundreds of non-player characters (NPCs).

Listen to a lush soundtrack and exciting sound effects — the clash of swords, the patter of boots, ferocious battle cries!

Supports full-screen on 320x320 or higher resolutions.

Accelerated for ARM devices, including Tapwave Zodiac controls and rumble effects!


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Set in a dark medieval world of demons and dragons, elves and dwarves,
rogues and wizards, good and evil....

Edge is an exciting new Role-Playing Game (RPG) with
Console-Quality Graphics
and a deep storyline.
Vibrant Isometric Imagery, Rich Sound, and
Smooth Animation
take handheld gaming to a new level!

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(c)2005 by zanegames. all rights reserved.

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†PalmOS 5 and higher required. 320x320 or higher resolution highly recommended.
*To run EDGE on PocketPC, StyleTap version 0.9.085 or higher is recommended.
EDGE and ZaneGames are not associated with StyleTap, but we have worked closely with them to optimize for EDGE.
Visit StyleTap at www.styletap.com and try their PalmOS emulator free for 14 days.