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Q. The game is too hard! I keep dying! What gives?

A. The game is challenging, and low-level characters can die fairly easily. But early adventuring is mostly about learning basic skills for survival, which you will also need as you advance to higher levels. Like most role-playing games (RPGs), as your character advances, your skills and endurance also increase. The fundamentals you need to learn include: rest, provisions, battle strategies, and leveling up.

For Resting, try to rent a room at a local inn, or find an unoccupied bed somewhere. You can sleep and recover your entire health in an adequate setting. Even in the wild, there might be places where rest grants you a full night's sleep. If there are no enemies nearby, you can often kneel and rest for a moment, restoring a small percentage of your health and mana. For those dangerous places where rest is unavailable, healing potions are invaluable.

Also see the next question for some specific battle tactics and other ideas, or read the "Survival Guide" in the Appendix of the EDGE Manual by a fellow adventurer.

Hang in there; as you advance to level 3 and beyond, you will see your mastery of the game and your character grow.


Q. Some specific survival techniques for early characters (1-3 level)?

A. It can be somewhat difficult to survive early in EDGE. (For that matter, it can be difficult to survive later in EDGE too, but for different reasons!)

Mostly, early on survival is all about teaching you how to play the game, what attack strategies to try, and how to make good decisions. Here are some things to try...

Save often. (Click the X, select SAVE GAME, and choose a slot.) Even if you save in one slot over and over, this will keep you from having to start over completely should you die.

Rest between fights. Try to always enter a round of combat with a new opponent with close to maximum health. If you cannot rest, or if an inn is not handy, stock up on healing potions to raise your health between encounters. Note that a bed is the very best place to rest and heal completely. For this reason, it may be unwise at early levels to stray too far from town and the comforts of healing.

Different fighting tactics are needed for different characters. Fighters can usually stand their ground and exchange rounds of blows from an enemy, but thieves, mages, and priests need to keep moving. Thieves should Move Silently or Hide in Shadows as much as possible to get a beneficial surprise attack by sneaking up behind enemies and landing the first blow. Priests and Mages tend to do best with some distance between them and their enemies, and using spells effectively. (More spell tips are below.)

All these classes may benefit from the use of a bow or using even rocks as weapons if a bow is not available.

For further reading, see the "Survival Guide" in the Appendix of the EDGE Manual by a fellow adventurer.


Q. How do I throw rocks?

A. Ah yes. This one is a bit strange. You need to go into Preferences->Controls and define a hard key for "Toggle Melee/Range Weapon." If you have no bow in your inventory or no bow equipped, and you have rocks in your possession, you will be able to throw them and then quickly switch back to your knife or sword in close combat.

Of course, a bow with arrows is even better. ;-)


More Tricks


Q. What are some "advanced" power-user things to try?

A. Hmm, how about this:

It's also been rumored there is a "god mode" hidden somehow in the game. But only the gods know for sure...


NOTE: Plot Spoilers Are Provided in Inviso-Text (Drag your mouse over them to reveal the content).

Q. Will you give me a hint for one of the puzzles in the game?

A. I will give hints, but no outright answers. A few to the early puzzles are provided below. For later puzzles, post your question on the Discussion Forums in the Hints Forum and I'm sure you'll get a gentle nudge in the right direction, either from me or some other player. Try not to ruin puzzle details for others by posting ***SPOILER*** warnings when appropriate.


Q. Hints regarding the labyrinth at Staliflan's Tower?

A. Highlight the following section for a hint: There is no direct route through the labyrinth. The maze is a puzzle. There are four magical areas inside it which alter the path of the maze...See if you can find them and the proper sequence to each. If you need more help, highlight the next paragraph below.

Q. I still don't get it. (Re: the labyrinth at Staliflan's Tower)...

A. Highlight the following section for a hint: Try to make your way to the open area of the maze with one dead tree in it. Stand diagonally just opposite it until a magic blue pentacle encircles you. Notice something different about the tree? Repeat this process for the two trees...then three...then four... then see if you can't make your way to the tower gate.

Q. I am low-level and can't find a bow. I need help!

A. Aha. There is a bow hidden in Kale. Highlight here for a hint on where to look: Rumor has it a shortbow was hidden in a clump of trees in the southwestward corner of Kale. Go furthest left and upward on the Kale town map. Skirt a bit down among the trees, then scoot left between two trees and upward just a bit. The bow is hidden a bit by the lower branches of a pine.

Q. I'm having a problem solving a puzzle you haven't posted here.

A. Post your question on the EDGE Hints Forum if you are really stuck. Be sure to specify whether you'd just like a gently nudge (hint) or outright solution for your problem.



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