Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What are the device requirements?

A. A PalmOS 5.0 or higher device with approximately 6MB of RAM available and a "hi-res" (minimum 320x320) screen, plus approximately 12MB available on an expansion card (or 8MB without sound and music installed). 8MB of the expansion requirements can alternately be installed directly to RAM, meaning 14MB of RAM available before installation, and approximately 4MB for sound and music on expansion card.

EDGE is not playable on any PalmOS 4 or lower devices, nor will it play acceptably on low resolution OS5 devices like that of the Treo 600. Text will be very difficult if not impossible to read at that resolution. All "hi-res" (320x320) OS 5 devices should be able to run EDGE, provided there is enough RAM available.

NOTE: It may also be possible to play EDGE acceptibly on Chinese QVGA devices (called "one-and-a-half density," or 240x320 resolution), but this has not been tested and some scaling will definitely occur. (See PocketPC discussion below for some comments on scaling and pixilation.) If EDGE does run acceptably, you will likely want to switch"Bold Fonts" On in Preferences for more readable type.


Q. Where do I install things?

A. The simple answer is to use the EDGE Automatic Package Installer, which is available in the "TRY" or Download Area. Depending on your computer installation and desktop OS, the Installer will select an appropriate method for installing the needed files. With the PSI Installer, simply check the button to install everything to expansion card or to install to RAM, and the installer will attempt to put everything where it is needed. Some systems (Mac/Linux) will receive a PRC Installer, which decompresses the files directly on the device*. Sound and music files must be installed to expansion card, so if no expansion card is available, there will be no sound.

*On some devices, the PRC Package Installer does not seem to work very well. (We suspect this is mostly NVFS devices, like the Treo and LifeDrive.) On those devices, the Zip Archive is likely preferred. It is also available on the "TRY" or Download page, a bit lower.

If you do need to install the files manually, follow one of the following installation schemes:

Install Edge.prc, Edge_Data.prc, and Edge_Maps.prc to RAM.
Install all .ogg files to an expansion card in a /Palm/Programs/Edge/Sound folder (sound is optional, but highly recommended).

Install Edge.prc to the /Palm/Launcher folder.
and Edge_Maps.prc to a /Palm/Programs/Edge folder.
Install all .ogg files to an expansion card in a /Palm/Programs/Edge/Sound folder
(sound is optional, but highly recommended).


Q. Do I have to have an expansion card? Why can't I install the sound files to RAM as well?

A. EDGE uses the Aeroplayer Audio Engine, which is a high-quality audio playback engine. This allows us to provide a lot of high-quality soundtrack and sound effects in the form of OGG files, which only take up 4MB of storage but which must be played back from an external card. Uncompressed, the sound files would be much, much larger and prohibitive to install to RAM anyway. Any other format would sacrifice sound quality, and we wished our sound to match our graphics in quality, thus the decision to go OGG. (Even if you do not want to play the soundtrack (i.e. Music Off in Preferences), the song file Edge.ogg is still needed on the card for sound effects to play.)





Q. What are the device requirements?

A. We recommend a minimum of 300 MHz (processor speed) for a Pocket PC device, though we haven't done thorough testing on the full range of available devices. A 300 Mhz XScale QVGA device runs in 100% mode at 21-24 fps, which is right around what we consider minimum playability (though some people do prefer running as slow as 18 fps). Most PocketPC devices with Windows Mobile 2002 or higher and running the StyleTap™ Platform can run EDGE acceptably (use version 0.9.085 or higher of StyleTap for best performance), assuming the same minimum RAM requirements of 6MB with expansion card as Palm devices (listed above). Obviously, VGA devices will display EDGE nicer, with 320x320 resolution either appearing 1:1 in a smaller window or scaled up to 480x480. QVGA devices will scale the 320x320 default image to 240x240, losing some resolution and visual quality. Actual processor speed and any multi-tasking may limit performance and speed of the game. Please TRY the game and let us know if your device does not perform acceptably.


Q. Where do I install things?

A. See the above Palm installation instructions for where to put files. The only difference is the Edge.prc application should always be installed to RAM.


Q. Do I have to own StyleTap to play EDGE on PocketPC?

A. To play beyond the 14-day StyleTap trial, yes, you must own a registered version of StyleTap. To advance beyond level three (3) in EDGE, you must also purchase a registration code for EDGE. You can run trial versions of both first, to be sure you are satisfied with the way the game runs on PocketPC. (Note that you can own a registration code for EDGE on a Palm device, and use that same Hotsync ID on a PocketPC device, so effectively you could run EDGE on two devices if you owned both Palm and PPC devices.)


Q. Why is the game pixilated in 100% mode?

A. EDGE was originally designed for the Palm resolution of 320x320 (as a minimum). Palm widescreen or portrait resolutions of 320x480 or 480x320 were designed for as well, but as yet there are no Palm VGA (480x640) devices.

For VGA (480x640) devices (like the Dell Axim x50v), running EDGE in a 320x320 window at 66% mode looks (qualitatively) better, but there is wasted space around the sides. You can also play in 100% mode, but the 320x320 Palm image is scaled up to the full 480x480 screen width to accomodate this resolution. Because this scale is a factor of 1.5, the scale is not perfect, and every other pixel is scaled. Text suffers the most from this scaling (turn "Bold Fonts" On in Preferences for the best readability), but there is also some flicker if the preference setting for "Floating Camera" is turned On. Turn this preference to Off if you'd like to reduce the flicker.

Similarly, QVGA devices must scale the 320x320 screen down to only 240x240. This results is a loss of 25% of the screen's information, making text somewhat difficult to read. The high-quality graphics generally hold up relatively well, but text can be a bit jagged. I have tried to compensate for this by switching to a bolder version of the fonts in this mode.

(Note: It is possible that a 1:1 mode for these screens may be developed in a future revision. This would make the text and characters smaller on a VGA screen with more area around them visible, and would eliminate the harsh pixilation of scaling. On a QVGA screen, it would make characters 25% bigger, and reduce the amount visible around them, but would also enhance the fidelity of the graphics and reduce the effect of scaling. It might also require some user-interface changes, since everything will not fit in the 240-wide layout as is. If you think this is a valuable mode and wish me to consider it in a future update, please add a comment to that effect in an appropriate forum.)




Q. If I buy the game on your site, how long until I get my Registration Code?

A. Almost immediately. Assuming you use a method (credit card, PayPal account transfer) that funds the transaction with PayPal immediately, your Registration Code will be emailed automatically within seconds. No waiting! No delays. (Just make sure your email account doesn't spam-filter it!)

Note that eChecks, while fine to use, are NOT instantaneous. PayPal marks eChecks as "Uncleared" until your funds have cleared your account -- usually 3 to 4 business days. Your code will be sent automatically just seconds after those funds have cleared.


Q. I bought the game hours ago and still haven't received my Registration Code!

A. More than likely, your email client or email server has spam-filtered it. Double check your spam-filter settings, or turn them off before buying. Unless there is some strange delay in your PayPal charges being processed, Registration Codes should go out within a few seconds of completing the purchase. Every so often, server maintenance or something similar might cause a delay, but that is rare.

Note that eChecks, while fine to use, are NOT instantaneous. PayPal marks eChecks as "Uncleared" until your funds have actually cleared your account -- usually 3 to 4 business days. Your code will be sent automatically just seconds after those funds have cleared. Credit cards or PayPal transfers are near-instant.

If you do not receive your email confirmation and your Registration Code for EDGE within 6 hours of purchasing the game (and you used either a credit card or PayPal direct transfer), email me and I'll have a look for you as soon as I can. (Sometimes this can take me a day or two.)


Q. Hey! My Registration Code doesn't work!

A. More than likely, you gave an incorrect HotSync ID. We provide a double-checking mechanism on our BUY page, but there is probably a typo in your HotSync ID, or it isn't what you thought it was, and the generated Registration Code will not work. You need to determine your actual HotSync ID and send me an email. I recommend the program idCheck, available from Hobbyist Software, just to double-check your Hotsync ID for strange spaces or symbols. When you do determine and email me your exact HotSync ID, also provide the EDGE ID from the Registration screen of EDGE.


Q. Why don't you sell EDGE at PalmGear or Handango or some other ESD site?

A. Because those sites are not developer-friendly, nor are they particularly customer-friendly. Further, they currently take as much as 50% of the potential earnings for themselves. I have invested almost two years of my time and effort on developing this game, and do not feel it is right to give away half of that effort for a generally bad experience and very few valid or good reasons.

I could go on and on about this, but I won't. I'll summarize: #1) The sites do not provide quality "support" to you. They know very little if anything about the products they sell, and can only pass any questions or problems you have to the developer and wait for a response. This "middle-man" process takes a lot of time going back-and-forth (if it happens at all), and usually only irritates the customer. Not allowing direct contact with the developer (or even a link to the developer's FAQ or website) is short-sighted and wrong. #2) These sites are greedy. With their traffic, they should be able to support themselves -- if not earn a tremendous profit -- on their advertising income alone. Instead, they have consistently raised their cut year after year, forcing either the consumers' prices up, or the developers out of business.

There are about four more good reasons I could mention, but those two alone are reason enough.

If you'd like to read more, consider visiting (and supporting) www.esd-union.com. More importantly, I encourage you to Google your developers' own websites, and if possible, to purchase directly from them.

If you have some difficulty paying for EDGE with my PayPal offerings, please drop me an email and we will try to find an alternative that is good for both of us.



Q. I can't figure something out. Where is the manual?

A. A PDF-formatted manual is included with the game. It is also available right here. You may need to download Adobe's free Acrobat program to read it.



Q. EDGE crashed on my device!

A. I am sorry. While we have made every effort to thoroughly test EDGE on as many devices as possible and under as many configurations as possible, there are a ton of devices out there, and EDGE is a fairly complex piece of software.

The most notorious causes for EDGE crashing is incompatibility with other third-party software. If you have any hacks, screenshot programs, or other tricky software (especially software that runs in the background), try disabling them and see if the instability is solved. If the crash is repeatable (well, even if it isn't), please contact me directly and let me know your device configuration and a list of the steps to recreate it. (You can even send me the tiny Edge_Save_#.prc file that is your saved game.)

Finally, you should also report it on our forums, in the EDGE Troubleshooting (Bugs and Crashes) topic. Please give as much detail as you can.


Q. EDGE won't run on my Clie! I get a "An error occured in the application you are using. Note the error code and contact the developer of this application. (Sys 0505) (0,1115)."

A. On Sony Clie OS5 devices, you need to install CliePet's Modern Clie Audio (MCA2), which gives you true OS5 streaming sound. Sony released their devices without the proper OS5 SndStream APIs, and this utility gives you the full OS5 sound EDGE requires.

Download Modern Clie Audio (MCA2) here.

Q. EDGE won't run on my device!

A. Does it meet the criteria listed under OS requirements above? (320x320 hi-res screen, adequate RAM.) If it does, please let me know your device details and the specifics of the problem so we can investigate.


Q. EDGE is getting very slow and seems to be hanging on occasion, especially when choosing or drinking potions.

A. If you are playing with everything installed to expansion card, the speed of your card and the number of items your character is carrying can affect gameplay at certain times (like when your inventory is being counted, as in the case of potions). The best workaround is to install the Edge_Maps.prc and the Edge_Data.prc to RAM. If you cannot install both of these to RAM (due to memory constraints), just move the Edge_Maps.prc to RAM, leaving Edge_Data.prc on the expansion card. This should eliminate most of the delays and pauses, and only requires an additional 900K or so of RAM.



Q. I can't figure out the controls. Can you explain them? Where do I define them or change the defaults?

A. On the Preferences screen, after tapping the word "CONTROLS" in the upper right. Please see the Preferences/Controls section of the EDGE User Manual for details.



Q. What are all these Preferences about?

A. Please see the Preferences section of the EDGE User Manual for now.



Q. Can you give me some survival hints?

A. Please see the Hints page for this, plus other Tips and Tricks.



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†PalmOS 5 and higher required.
To run EDGE on PocketPC, StyleTap version 0.9.085 or higher is recommended.